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Volleyball Stretching Exercise

Injury Prevention

In this article, we discuss the proper Volleyball Stretching Exercise. Some of the most common
injuries in volleyball are knees, ankles, and shoulders. In order to avoid sprain/strains, you should warm
up properly.


Volleyball Stretching Exercise to try before a game or practice

Here are some warm-up exercises for you to try:

  1. Start with your shoulders at your side. Begin to circle your shoulders clockwise 5 times and
    counterclockwise 5 times. Purpose – Warm up shoulders
  2. Start with your arms at chest level and raise your arms all the way up and back to the start
    position. Repeat 10 times. Purpose – Warm up shoulders
  3. Reach left arm across the chest, and with the right arm, pull the left further across until you feel
    a stretch in the shoulder, hold 10 seconds. Repeat for the opposite side. Purpose – Stretch
    lateral shoulder
  4. Place both hands behind the back and grasp your hands. Begin to lift your hands off of your back
    until a stretch is felt in the front of your shoulders, hold for 10 seconds. Purpose – Stretch
    anterior shoulder
    Another injury with volleyball is Achilles tendon strains or tears, therefore, it is important to stretch
  5. Alternate Calf Stretch 30 seconds Start with right foot approximately 18” from wall or fence with
    toes pointing directly forward, bring the left foot forward and lean into the wall. Keep the right
    knee straight and hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Repeat with the left leg. Purpose – Calf
    muscle and Achilles stretch.
  6. Hold on to a stationary object like the wall or a fence to maintain balance. Take hold of your
    right foot and slowly pull your foot towards the buttocks, keep your knee down by your
    opposite leg, not out to the side. Repeat with the other side. Purpose – Stretch the quadriceps
    muscles primarily and the anterior shin muscles secondarily.

One of the most effective treatments for volleyball injuries is the deep tissue laser along with Rock
sports taping.

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