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What are Spinal Discs?

Spinal discs are like shock absorbers for your spine.  They protect your spinal cord and provide flexibility of your spine.  The disc is made up of an inner and outer layer.  The outer layer is known as the annulus fibrosis and is made up of thick rings.  The inner layer is called the nucleus pulposis and is made up of a jelly-like substance which is primarily water.  These discs sit in between our vertebrae.

Types of disc injuries:

Disc Bulge is a less severe disc problem.  This is the distortion or slight tearing of the disc’s outer most layer.  Although this is usually not a surgical situation, it can be very painful.  This can be caused by trauma, repetitive stress or illness.

Disc Protrusion or Herniation is a more significant injury.  This injury occurs when the outer layers of the disc are completely torn and some of the inner layer leaks through.  Sometimes the inner material or pieces of the outer layer can cause nerve compression.  In very cases, the spinal cord can become compressed.  This injury is very painful.  This can be caused by trauma, repetitive stress or illness.

Degenerative Disc Disease is the most frequent and most common spinal disorder.  This is when the disc looses water and dry out, causing the space between the vertebral bodies to narrow.  This can cause the spinal column to become unstable so the vertebral bodies grow spurs along the edges of the vertebrae.  This can be caused by genetic predisposition, repetitive stress or trauma.


  • Back Pain/Stiffness
  • Neck Pain/Stiffness
  • Muscle Spasm

Severe cases which require emergency attention

  • Drop Foot
  • Loss of Strength is Arms or legs
  • Inability to use Grab with Your Hands
  • Loss of Bowel or Bladder Control
  • Complete Loss of Sensation in Arms or Legs
  • Fever Along with Back Pain


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